Monday, March 12, 2012

Wesir (Osiris)

This is a silly blog based on a silly idea, but I figured someone else might find my silliness entertaining.

The idea:  Since I have a disturbingly large (and growing) nail polish collection as well as a love of ancient Egypt, I would start a nail blog that features manicures with an Egyptian deity theme.  I will use both the Egyptian names of the deities as well as the more commonly-known Hellenized names for clarity.  I am not a nail professional, just a nerd who likes painting her nails several times a week as a form of stress relief.

Still with me?  All right.  Apologies for this picture -- I need a new charger for my real camera, so I used my phone.  Additionally, I wasn't planning to take pictures of this at first, so there's some mess around the cuticle from my previous manicure.

This design is inspired by Wesir (Osiris).  I paired a creamy greyish green with a shimmery black.  The picture doesn't really do the green justice -- it really is a lovely, gentle color without being dull or pastel.  Overall, it's kind of a hopeful, regrowth kind of Wesir... very appropriate for this time of year.

Polishes used:
Don't Mess With OPI (OPI)
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (OPI)


  1. Hotep!

    I had to say hi because I also have an extremely large nail polish collection and love of Netjer. :D

  2. This is my collection:

    I never really thought of connecting the colors to Netjer other than Zoya Indigo is the color I always seem to pick for Aset's birthday.

    Anyway, nice to "meet" you!

  3. Your collection is amazing. I should spreadsheet mine.

  4. I love this one too. Glitter tips are a win!